Fact Or Fiction ?

Is that not the question ? So here at FoF our dedicated team of 'fact checkers', mostly bloggers, researchers and journalists put in the hard work so you don't have to.

About Fact or Fiction...

Firsly allow us to welcome you to 'Fact or Fiction' (FoF), and isn't that the question we all want answering when trawling through the numerous links on social media? So be pleased to know, that at 'FoF' we aim to answer that very question. With the ever growing number of fear porn peddlers and snake oil salesmen the team at 'FoF' are dedicated to root out the charlatans and expose the lies.

Do 'FoF' rely on scientific data and analysis?

The short answer is ''Yes''. However, at 'FoF' we aim to explain the science in a language even the laymen can understand. And if they can't, the author of the published work will always be available to answer any questions.

Are 'FoF' professionals or amateurs?

Both! But all the team are thorough, fully educated, dedicated individuals. Each individual will take on a project and after much debate and discussion between the team, with all the evidence laid out on the table, we draw conclusions based on that evidence.

Are we to accept everything 'FoF' say in their findings?

Absolutely! We aim only to give the truth based on science, fact, and reason. If you feel in any way the team have it wrong, then leave your comments along with links that will show in your opinion why 'FoF' got it wrong. If nothing else, our dedicated team can go through the points one by one with a clear explanation on every key issue. We welcome healthy debate, but will not tolerate abuse.


Latest Posts

Below are the latest posts written by the team on things that either interest them, or to discuss and often debunk false claims heard over the internet.

What it would be like if we really had two suns (or three in this case)
What it would be like if we really had two suns (or three in this case) By Robert Walker This is
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Mummy shroud found after 80 years in museum collection
A fabulous unique, full-length mummy shroud dating back over 2,000 years old has been discovered. “To discover an object of
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2,500 years old luxurious Greek Palace uncovered by archaeologists in Ancient Poseidonia
A 2,500 years old luxurious Greek Palace has been uncovered by archaeologists in Ancient Poseidonia Luxurious Greek Palace The discovery
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What Makes a Great Teacher ?
A question we ask oftens, so what does make a great teacher ?? Here’s something I picked up on social
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Daily mail
Free Falling Objects A free falling object is an object that is falling under the sole influence of gravity. Any
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Iron Age chariot and horses unearthed on Pocklington building site
Iron Age Chariot Discovered The remains of an Iron Age chariot and two horse skeletons have been discovered in East Yorkshire.
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Archaeologists unearth statue of Queen Tiye in Egypt’s Luxor
A statue of Queen Tiye was recently discovered by Archaeologists when they excavated the Amenhotep III statue at Kom el-Hettan.   This site
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The Church, Homosexuality, Gay Marriage, and What Christ Said
What does the Church, homosexuality, gay marriage and what Christ said have in common ? Not a lot is the
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How Religious Cults Work
Whilst most people would rightly assume that Religious Cults represent a major problem in North America, few realise the enormity
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Beware of False Prophets
“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” —Matthew 7:15  
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The Surprisingly Complex Truth About Planes and Climate Change
The surprisingly complex truth about planes and climate change, is that back in 2011 a study published in Nature Climate
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Welcome to Fact or Fiction.
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